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Mathews Heli M Review

Mathews Heli M Review

The Mathews Heli-M is the 2012 new bow release for Mathews. You are probably searching for reviews of this bow because you have seen the mega marketing assault. You have heard Mathews builds great bows and you hope the Heli-M lives up to the hype. So let’s take a closer look and get starting with our Mathews Heli M Review.

Let’s start the Mathews Heli M review with a first glance the GeoGrid riser appears to be very much the same as the Z7 series and the Z9. This riser design has allowed the removal of more material and bringing the weight down to 3.5lbs. The limbs are actually close to parallel when the previous Mathews single cam bows had limbs that went slightly past parallel.

At fist feel you will physically notice how light this bow is. Most bows and most other Mathews models weight in at 4lbs. The Mathews Heli M weighs in at a scrawny 3.5lbs. If you are hiking in a long distance to a stand or just sitting long sits in the stand, this 20% weight reduction is HUGE!

Another trick to differentiate this between the Z series is the reverse assist roller guard. This design allows the bow to draw more smoothly because the cable is under less tension.

Mathews Heli M Draw Cycle

The new and smaller draw stops for the Heli-M have made a noticeable impression with shooters. The valley is much better and the back wall is GREAT! The solid back wall provides a stable bass for shooters and is a definite source of accuracy and consistency.

Mathews Heli M Noise and Vibration

After the shot the Mathews Heli M shows very little vibration and only minimal hand shock. I am sure with a good shock absorbing stabilizer you could end up with a very very still and quiet shot. This is coming from a 3.5lb bow so that is fairly impressive.

Overall the Heli-m is a great hunting bow and you will probably love the feel of this bow. If you already own a Z7, Z9 or Hoyt Carbon Element then you may not want to go through the trouble of trading in to upgrade. Most archers prefer the draw cycle and the back wall of the Mathews Heli M over the Z7 Extreme.

Pricing Information
Price $959 MSRP
Used Price $???
Used Price $???

Mathews Heli M Specs

Axle to Axle 30 Inches
Brace Height 7 Inches
Brand Mathews Inc
IBO Speed 332 fps
Let Off 80%
Price $959 MSRP
Retail Price $899
Used Price $???
Weight 3.5 lbs

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