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Hoyt Matrix RKT Review

Hoyt Carbon Matrix RKT Review

This 2012 Hoyt Carbon Matrix RKT review may sound familiar if you have been reading our other reviews. Hoyt has developed proven technology and is using it on all hunting bow. Let’s take a closer look at the Carbon Matrix.

The radical styling of the carbon fiber riser catches your eye. The 35 inch axle to axle length is slightly longer than the Carbon Element. The carbon tubing helps the bow weigh in at 3.8 lbs. Wait a second… All the specs are identical to the Hoyt Vector 35. If I had to take I wild guess I might think this is the carbon version of the Vector 35.

Hoyt Carbon Matrix RKT Draw Cycle

This is easy cause we are still reviewing the RKT cam. Harsh is not even a consideration and most would describe the draw as smooth. The RKT cam does seem to peak a little quicker than the Fuel cam. But the valley and back wall have been much improved.

Hoyt Carbon Matrix RKT Accuracy

This bow will be as accurate as any capable hunter. The 6.75 inch brace height offers loads of forgiveness. We also like the string angle the 35 inch ATA length provides. This is especially true for the taller shooters with longer draw lengths. The one complaint is marginal and is strictly personal preference.  The bow is Light!  We are so accustomed to the heavier bows so we found it a little tougher to get a steady and management pin float.

Hoyt Carbon Matrix Speed

ATA speeds are 325 fps so you should expect approximately 330 fps IBO + plus.  See the Video tab for video proof.

Hoyt Carbon Matrix RKT Noise and Vibration

The carbon riser seems to absord all vibration. The bow is very dead and quiet on the shot.  Most describe the Matrix as a pleasure to shoot.

Hoyt builds a great bow and the 2012 Matrix is no exception. Poor finish quality and chipping came up in a few reviews but overall this bow is getting thumbs up. Is it worth the $1200 price tag? That is a loaded question. If you are trying to upgrade from another 2011 Hoyt then I might say no. If you are upgrading from a 2001 Hoyt then would say YES!

Hoyt Carbon Matrix RKT Price

The Hoyt Carbon Matrix RKT has an manufacturers suggested retail price of $1299.  Most of the retail outlets and archery shops also have the bow listed at $1299.

Hoyt Carbon Matrix RKT Specs

Bow Specifications
Brace Height 6.75 inches
Axle to Axle 35 inches
Weight 3.8 lbs
Let Off 80%
IBO Speed 325 fps (ATA)

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