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Hoyt Carbon Element RKT Review

Hoyt Carbon Element RKT Review

We are WARNING you! Stop now! Reading the Hoyt Carbon Element RKT reviews below could cost you $1200 bucks.

The futuristic riser design is the first thing you will notice. The carbon tubes make this bow stand out from the rest of the competition. You have many camo and color options to choose from. You can select a solid Realtree camo film dip finish or a solid black finish. You could also mix and match black and camo on the riser and limbs. Some Hoyt Carbon Element RKT owners have complained of poor finish quality. This is especially true of solid black because scratches and dings seem to stand out.

You must also keep a watchful eye for damage to the riser. Carbon will crack if hit by a focused strike. Dropping the bow from the tree stand or off an ATV could be a big problem. You should also be careful when pulling the bow into the tree stand with a rope. Some folks have reported the bow swinging into the ladder or tree step and this causing a crack in the riser. An aluminum riser would probably just be dented.


Hoyt Carbon Element RKT cam

The RKT cam is the smooth and fast!!

Hoyt Carbon Element RKT Draw Cycle

The biggest improvement for the 2012 Hoyt Carbon Element is the new RKT cam. The RKT cam has made up for all the shortcomings of the previous Fuel cam. The draw cycle is very smooth with no harsh peak. The RKT cam rolls over into a much longer valley. The draw comes to rest on a pretty good back wall. Like many other shooters we noticed it is solid but could be better. The valley of the RKT cam is nice for bow hunters. It offers a little creep at full draw so a slight adjustment of the anchor point doesn’t result in the cams rolling over and pulling you down from full draw.


Hoyt Carbon Element RKT Noise & Vibration

The Element RKT is definitely dead in hand. Releasing an arrow results in basically no noticable hand shock. This is very impressive for a bow weighing 3.6 lbs. Most shooters that compare the Hoyt Carbon element RKT to the Mathews Heli M have noted much less recoil and noise coming from the Element RKT.

Overall the Hoyt Carbon Element RKT ratings are what you would expect from a great bow manufacturer like Hoyt. The ultracool riser design provides a unique appearance and also makes the bow lightweight and very stable during and after the shot. This bow is fun to shot and very forgiving and accurate. The bow must be worth $1200 because people are buying at this price. You can also save quite a bit of money by buying used if you are patient.

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