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Buyer’s remorse, we have all been there. The decision to buy a bow is based upon the cool camo pattern or the shape of the limbs. Then you get the bow home and realize you just spent $1000 and were more accurate with your 1997 Jennings Buckmaster Bow.  Taking 40 seconds to read the compound bow reviews found here could have saved you the trouble and the money!

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    I never encourage to buy solely based upon the Internet reviews, BUT I always encourage buyers to consult the reviews before making the final decision. The reviews here at BowCritic are put together in a way to save you time and also be sure that you don’t miss the forest for the trees.

    Many times the review sites are endorsed by magazines or bow companies. It is very similar to the muscle supplement industry. Bow manufacturers have realized they can publish their own magazine(or website) more economically than they can purchase ad space in other hunting magazines.

    Below you have two options to begin your search. The first listing is a listing by manufacturer. This will allow you to view all the most popular bows and sort them by the compound bow ratings. This is a good place to start if you are newer to bow hunting and don’t have a lot of hands on experience with various models. If you have been shooting bows for several years and now trying to zero in on two specific models then you may try heading directly to the individual compound bow reviews pages.

    compound bow reviews and ratings

    Compound Bow Ratings

    Compound Bow Ratings

    This is not rocket science folks. The reviews and ratings found on this sight are very straight forward with no voodoo or high tech language. A couple of the rating categories are subjective, but let’s face it, each person is going to have a different opinion or description of the same bow. The important thing is to find the bow that is right for you.

    Draw Cycle

    Hooking the release to the string and drawing the bow back to the anchor point is the draw cycle. This is the primary function of the bow and allows for the storage of energy. The type of cam on the bow will determine the amount of energy stored and also determine the force required to bring the string to anchor point.  It is typical to expect an easier pull with a bow that is shooting sub 330fps and a more harsh draw to come from bows exceeding the 340fps speed limit.

    Noise & Vibration

    Sometimes you might hear someone say they shot a bow and it was “dead in the hand”.  The reviewer is referring to the amount of vibration the bow gave off at the moment it was shot.  Common sense will tell you if a bow doesn’t feel like a tuning fork in your hand it will be quieter.  The reduced shock and vibration will also help with the follow through and potentially make you more accurate.

    Bow Arrow Speed

    Speed in FPS


    I hope I don’t have to go into too much detail about arrow speed.  This is one of the main performance factors folks consider when looking for a compound bow for sale.  The efficiency of a bow and it’s speed will allow the hunter to be more effective at further distances.  The arrow will reach the target faster so the animal has less opportunity to duck the string.  Less accurate yardage guesstimates are needed because the bow will be flatter shooting.  A faster bow will require less sight pins so your sight picture is less crowded.

    Speed is represented by fps – feet per second and at IBO –  International Bowhunting Organization.  IBO simply means a 30inch draw set at 70lbs.  This way all the bow models are on the same playing field.  Currently most hunting bows are in the 330fps IBO range with the quickest of the bunch topping out at 366fps.

    archery accuracy

    Accuracy is Critical


    This is one of those rating categories that could get a little subjective but we had to include it.  I may have already used the golf analogy but here we go again.  You may hit the new Taylor Made Burner farther and straighter than the Ping drive and it may be the opposite for your golfing buddy.  For the purpose of the compound bow reviews I don’t think one low accuracy rating is going to hurt but if a trend occurs then you should be aware.  There are a million design factors and shooter factors that contribute to archery accuracy and we touch on many of them in the buyer’s guide.


    Don’t Break the Scales


    Did you pull a muscle trying to point the bow at the target?  If you answered yes, then you should give your bow a 2 start weight rating.  Today most modern hunting bows are tipping the scales at 4lbs.  This is naked with no accessories like sights, rest, quivers and stabilizers.  By the time you have your bow pimped out it could be tipping the scales at over 6lbs.

    Now you understand all the rating categories used in the bow reviews.  We feel like we have picked the categories that are most important and also the categories that are most easily rated.  If you feel like we have left something please feel free to contact us and let us know.  This sight is built upon visitor interaction and users submitting reviews so believe me we take your feedback and opinions very seriously.

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