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Hoyt Spyder 30 Review and Prices

Hoyt Spyder 30 Reviews and Prices   Hoyt Spyder 30 Review UPDATED: 11/6/2012 Our Hoyt Spyder 30 Review is one of the first on the internet because the bow was just announced.  The all new 2013 Hoyt Spyder series is an aluminum riser bow with several new features.  The new riser design …

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Hoyt Carbon Element RKT Review

Hoyt Carbon Element RKT Review We are WARNING you! Stop now! Reading the Hoyt Carbon Element RKT reviews below could cost you $1200 bucks. The futuristic riser design is the first thing you will notice. The carbon tubes make this bow stand out from the rest of the competition. You …

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Mathews Heli M Review

Mathews Heli M Review The Mathews Heli-M is the 2012 new bow release for Mathews. You are probably searching for reviews of this bow because you have seen the mega marketing assault. You have heard Mathews builds great bows and you hope the Heli-M lives up to the hype. So let’s take …

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Hoyt Matrix RKT Review

Hoyt Carbon Matrix RKT Review This 2012 Hoyt Carbon Matrix RKT review may sound familiar if you have been reading our other reviews. Hoyt has developed proven technology and is using it on all hunting bow. Let’s take a closer look at the Carbon Matrix. The radical styling of the carbon …

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Amazing Bowhunting Dove Video

I enjoy shooting my bow and practicing during the off season.  Practicing at 50 yards will make you much more confident on the 18 yard shots. I thought I was a pretty good shot until my dad sent me this video. Bow hunting for doves in Argentina!  I was expecting to …

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